There are four specific aspects of leadership that make a great deal of a difference in your level of professionalism and the overall performance of your team. Good leadership is built on skills that go beyond scheduling, budgeting, and change management.

  • A 2021 America Succeeds discovery report, leveraging data of 82 Million job postings, revealed the critical importance of Durable Skills training for long-term success in the workplace.
  • A 2020 Business Insider article highlights the importance of fostering soft skills stating, "In the age of automation these skills are becoming more important. Although some tasks at work will be automated, soft skills like emotional intelligence and the ability to teach, won't be".
  • This 2019 LinkedIn report revealed that 89% of talent acquisition professionals said that most new talents don't work out due to lack of critical soft skills.

The Skills Employers Are Looking For

Stakeholder & Hidden Objections
Amplify your stakeholder identification process and implement skills to properly uncover objections and expectations that are not in plain sight.
Tactful Negotiations
Govern the impact and potential of your options by managing and maintaining healthy professional relationships with your team and additional stakeholders.

Effective Presentations
Focus on specific areas of public speaking, presentation power, and team briefing to increase the comprehensibility and impact of your communication skills.

Strategic Communications
Understand the critical role of the relationship between an organization’s strategy and a particular project, and how this correlation affects team commitment levels.

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Learn about the woman that created the Power Skill Bundle

Kimi Hirotsu Ziemski

Kimi’s audiences and students focus on Leadership Driven Project Management. Her enthusiasm for learning and her interest in her colleagues led her to an interesting realization. The most effective project managers were the most effective project leaders – not necessarily the most technical project managers. Being invested in and focused on the leadership aspect of the efforts, enhances the team’s management of the technical aspects for getting projects to the finish line.


Kimi has taken that perspective, added her own approach to facilitating learning, and created an on-line academy focusing on leadership driven project management. Speaking, facilitating, writing, and videoing, she helps her clients discover – and often RE-discover – the power of their personal leadership in service of their clients and the projects they execute for their clients.

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